IndieMusic’s full program

IndieMusic’s full program this year is composed of 14 films, inviting everyone to take a trip around various musical movements and to visit musicians, bands and names which have left a great mark in the music industry of the last decades.

With the intent of bringing to the big screen several cult figures and bands, Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words (Thorsten Schütte) narrates, in first person, the story of the iconic musician, by compiling testemonies, interviews and never before seen archive footage; on the other hand Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present (Tyler Hubby) proves the relevance of the artist, by taking a long look at the huge body of work of Velvet Underground’s “godfather” and the impact the band had on the present. Starting from a similar premisse, The Man from Mo’Wax (Matthew Jones) follows the path of James Lavelle’s life, trip hop’s most famous name – founder of the music label Mo’Wax and the band UNKLE – and shows us DJ Shadow, 3D (Massive Attack), Futura, Ian Brown, Grandmaster Flash e Josh Homme.
Shot in three years, Where You’re Meant to Be (Paul Fegan) is a touching road movie about Aidan Moffat’s creative process, the lead singer of indie band Arab Strap. Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock (Barnaby Clay) tells the story of Mick Rock, one of the photographers who formatted the image of music and musicians of the 20th century. Iconic pictures of David Bowie, Syd Barrett, Blondie, Queen, Lou Reed or Iggy Pop were captured by his lens. Liberation Day (Morten Traavik and Ugis Olte) follows the concert of the first western rock band to play in North Korea (Laibach), and brings up issues about censorshop and cultural shock. In Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream, Margarete Kreuzer makes a tribute to the revolutionary German band, by exploring the way they are able to create moods through electronic music. With Twerkumentary (Diana Manfredi), we get to understand what made twerking a dance move of glocal expression.
A Story of Sahel Sounds (Neopan Kollektiv) takes us through the Niger deserts to explore the impact technology had in the spreading of tuareg music, where one of the more well known names is Mdou Moctar, while Tokyo Idols (Kyoko Miyake) throws us at the cultural shock, by shows us the japonese phenomenon of idol girls: pop singers who dress in school uniforms and fill entire venues with their fans, mostly middle-aged men.
When it comes to short films, Beatbox, Boom Bap Around the World (Pascal Tessaud) follows the various ramifications of this sub-culture, from its tribal roots in Africa to its rise as movement inside hip hop and other genres of music. The Portuguese contribution to the IndieMusic section comes by the hand of João Teotónio with Talasnal, a documentary about isolation as a creative fuel for the musical group Nome Comum.
The section also includes the already announced screenings of Oasis: Supersonic (Mat Whitecross), the documentary which visits the history of the British band, and Bunch of Kunst (Christine Franz), which shows us the revolutionary spirit of the Sleaford Mods.
The screenings will take place at Cinema São Jorge, Culturgest and Cineteatro Capitólio/Teatro Raul Solnado, where nine IndieMusic screenings will be happen in open air, on the rooftop of the building, where you can watch the films while enjoying the independent and homemade beers MUSA.


A Story of Sahel Sounds, Neopan Kollektiv (2016)
Beatbox, boom bap autour du monde, Pascal Tessaud (2015)
Bunch of Kunst, Christine Franz (2017)
Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words, Thorsten Schütte (2016)
Liberation Day, Morten Traavik e Ugis Olte (2016)
Oasis: Supersonic, Mat Whitecross (2016)
Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream, Margarete Kreuzer (2017)
Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock, Barnaby Clay (2016)
Talasnal, João Teotónio (2017)
The Man from Mo’Wax, Matthew Jones (2016)
Tokyo Idols, Kyoko Miyake (2017)
Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present, Tyler Hubby (2016)
Twerkumentary, Diana Manfredi (2016)
Where You’re Meant to Be, Paul Fegan (2016)