Encounters with Independent Heroes and Other Talks

Selected as one of the Independent Heroes of this year, Jem Cohen will be in Lisbon not only to present the retrospective that the festival dedicates to him, but also for an informal conversation around his work and language. On May 9th, at 18h00, at Cinema São Jorge. The filmmaker will join Luís Mendonça, from Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), for an open discussion about the fundamental axes of his work. From punk rock to political activism, from New York to photography, several topics will be open for debate in this special LisbonTalk. Paul Vecchiali will also sit at a table to discuss, alongside Maria João Madeira (Cinemateca Portuguesa) and Matthieu Orléan (French Cinematheque), the impact of his long career. Taking place on May 11th, at 18h30, in the Cinemateca Portuguesa, the meeting will look at the French filmmaker’s provocative, experimental and autobiographical language.

The parallel program of the festival will also have a talk about the role of cinema in the creation of political changes. In Cinema as a Political Tool, Tiago Dias, Susana de Sousa Dias, José Filipe Costa, Ricardo Alexandre and Sofia Branco will dissect the world news and think about the role that media and cinema can play in denouncing abuses and building an informed citizenship. On May 5th, at 18h30, at São Jorge Cinema.

The Future of the short film is a debate that seeks to dismantle the idea that the short film is an antechamber of the feature film. The round table moderated by Miguel Valverde will have contributions from Lydia Beilby (Edinburgh International Film Festival), Maike Mia Höhne (Berlinale Shorts), Wouter Jansen (Some Shorts) and Nuno Rodrigues (Curtas Vila do Conde). May 10th at 17h00m at São Jorge Cinema.

Drawing from the extensive work of the pair of creators Gusztáv Hámos and Katja Pratschke, The Photofilm – The Relationship between Cinema and Photography will think about the relation between the photographic image and the moving image, and the photofilm as a unique genre in the deconstruction of relations between language, sound, music and image. May 12th, at 18h00, Cinema São Jorge.

In a more practical way, on May 8th, at 18h00, Cinema São Jorge receives the Masterclass of Image Post-Production and Sound Mixing, given by Marco Amaral, one of the most important national colorists, Tiago Matos, assembler and mixer of Sound of films like Letters of War, Cisne and 48, and Miguel Martins, who worked with Miguel Gomes in his latest projects.