IndieLisboa also takes place at night

IndiebyNight’s program is composed of concerts, DJ sets and parties Between May 4th and May 13th, IndieLisboa also extends throughout the night, with a program which makes the festivities continue with concerts and DJ sets. Everything starts on April 21st, with IndieLisboa’s Anticipation Party, at the Liceu Camões’ catacombs. The guests are POP DELL’ARTE, the legendary Portuguese band from Lisbon with a strong film background inspiration, in a concert where they will be introducing new songs. After the concert, the night continues with a DJ set by Quim Albergaria and Hélio Morais, with GANDAMBIENTE.

On May 4th, Casa Independente hosts a night dedicated to music from Macao, which goes hand in hand with the festival’s special program about the films being made in Macao. It will be the opportunity to find out about one of the most important indie bands from Macao, TURTLE GIANT, whose irreverent style rock took them to South by Southwest (SXSW) this year. On the next day, the same venue will host a one of a kind party, in which we will revisit the works of one of the most important artists of the experimental music genre. MINIMALIST EXPRESSIONS, A CONCERT INSPIRED BY TONY CONRAD will gather on stage musicians from different projects (Folclore Impressionista, Espers, Eosin, Acid Acid, Ghost Hunt), in a reimagining of 1972’s Outside the Dream Sindicate. The night will be curated by Nariz Entupido and the music will be accompanied with video projections by visual artist António Caramelo, also highly influenced by Tony Conrad’s cinematography.

On May 6h, Musicbox is the chose venue for the national debut of GRAND BLANCMémoires Vives, their debut album, published in 2016, is a hymn to the borders between femininity and masculinity, rock and electronic music, the dirty garage sound and the crystal clear sounds produced in a studio. Mémoires Vives is also the first (real) album by the band and it is, according to the French critics, living proof of the maturity which the bands has been conquering. In this album, they are able to break free rom the initial references to Metz and the eternal Joy Division, to give way to dancing, the most important partner to electropop which bands like La Femme, Perez or Feu! Chatterton have explored. The result is a sort of thesis on urban pop where songs, as they say, are like cities, with their dark corners, moving silhouettes and continuous noise. The chapter of the concerts ends with the performance by SURMA, on May 11th, at Casa Independente, and the BEATBOX NIGHT (May12th) in which Wawad will be present, French beatbox double champion in 2014 and 2016 and one of the protagonists of Pascal Tessaud’s film, screened at the festival (Beatbox, Boom Bap Around the World). And IndiebyNight’s program has a lot more parties happening on its “main” venue, Casa Independente. On the schedule, we also have the DJ sets of Hipster Pimba (May 10th), neopankollektiv (May 9th), AEREP (May 7th), the classic IndieLisboa Team Party and, in the garage of Culturgest, the Closing Party, which also serves as closing ceremony this year.

Anticipation Party April 21st, 22h30, Liceu Camões’ Catacombs, 8€

Pop Dell’Arte (concert) Gandambiente (DJ set)

MacaubyNight May 4th, 23h00, Casa Independente, Free Entry

Turtle Giant (concert)

Nariz Entupido Presents: Minimalist Expressions, a Concert Inspired by Tony Conrad May 5th, 23h00, Casa Independente, 5€

João Paulo Daniel, Tiago Castro, Pedro Chau, Diana Combo, Helena Espvall e projecções de António Caramelo (concert) . minimalist. avant-garde

Grand Blanc + CVLT + Nuno Lopes May 6th, 23h00, Musicbox, 8€

Grand Blanc (concert) . cold wave. electro. pop CVLT (DJ set) . electronica Nuno Lopes (DJ set) . electronica

António Quatro May 7th, 23h00, Casa Independente, Free Entry

AEREP (DJ Set) . electronica. house

IndieLisboa Team Party May 8th, 23h00, Casa Independente, Free Entry

I Dance the Desert Electric May 9th, 23h00, Casa Independente, Free Entry

neopankollektiv (DJ Set) . africa. noise

August in May – Hipster Pimba May 10th, 23h00, Casa Independente, Free Entry

Hispter Pimba (DJ Set) . traditional Portuguese dance music

SURMA + Maria P. May 11th, 23h00, Casa Independente, Free Entry

SURMA (concert) . jazz. noise. post-rock. electronica Maria P. (DJ set) . garage. psicadelia

BeatBox Night May 12th, 23h00, Casa Independente, Free Entry

Wawad (showcase) + WilsonP (showcase) + Showbattle de Beatbox (hosted by APK)

Closing Ceremony and Party May 13rh, 23h00, Culturgest’s Garage, Free Entry

Bandido$ (DJ Set) . music to dance to