International Competition
The International Competition for short and feature films is composed of works that have never been publicly screened in Portugal, finished in the current year or the year before. To this section can apply first, second and third works – fiction, animation, documentaries or experimental films.

National Competition
This section aims at giving national and international recognition to Portuguese films finished in the current year or the year before, that have their world premiere at IndieLisboa.

This section screens films from both established authors and young filmmakers, making singularity the focus of the section. We aim to show, under its umbrella, extraordinary works with a rebel quality that mirrors the festival’s. In 2017, the focus will be on Gusztáv Hámos and Katja Pratschke, film directors and curators who have dedicated their work to the exploration of the photofilm and the many relations between image, photography and cinema.

Brand New
This competitive section gathers the work of young filmmakers taking their first steps. Some produced their film within school context, others were fearless enough to do it without any support. Portuguese new authors continue to blossom and we intend to shelter and show them.

This crucial section is dedicated to the younger audience. IndieJunior intends to contribute to children’s aesthetic and cultural training through an artistic experience different from the ones that television and commercial cinema offer. As usual, this year’s edition adds to the film programming a whole set of cultural activities and creative spaces designed for the young audience, their families and schools. The IndieJunior Neighborhood Party will take place on May 7th at the gardens of the headquarters of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, and will include performances by the theatre group Companhia De Outra and Projecto Bug, alongside many other activities by the IndieJunior partners.

Independent Hero
This retrospective section is dedicated to those who go beyond the mainstream in filmmaking and help to open new and unconventional paths in cinema. This year, we pay homage to Jem Cohen and Paul Vecchiali.

Music is the central focus of IndieMusic. The section screens documentaries about artists and cult bands from around the world. In this year’s edition, we look back at the history of the band Oasis, the unique voice of the Sleaford Mods and the heritage left by James Lavelle, the iconic DJ and producer of the trip hop scene, among others.

Director’s Cut
New films which take a dive in the memory of cinema as its main inspiration, including documentaries about cult directors and actors, and experimental films which rework the visual heritage of Film. In the 14th IndieLisboa, the section is created in collaboration with Cinemateca Portuguesa – Museu do Cinema, in order to show the works of several filmmakers in context. Films by Andrzej Żuławski, Stuart A. Staples, Brecht Debackere, Mark Rappaport, Alejandra Rojo and Laurent Achard are revisited in this section, among others.

Mouth of Madness
This section was unexpectedly born and carved its place in the festival. Films that festively march along the cliff regardless any fear or judgement. In 2017, we get to see again the great actor Christopher Lloyd in I Am Not a Serial Killer, the perfect fusion of horror and geek; we find out why Grave made several members of its audience leave the theatres; and we screen the most recent Ben Wheatly film, a sort of retro version of Reservoir Dogs.

Special Screenings
Special Screenings include Portuguese films, international premieres and thematic programs. The honour for opening the festival goes to Colo, the most recent film by Teresa Villaverde. We also present a program which includes the documentaries by Heinz Emigholz, the History of Macau program, the HSLU program, the Alt-Cinema program and the the premieres of António Um Dois Três, Construção da Villa Além and Rosas de Ermera. The festival ends with the incredible I Am Not Your Negro, the documentary by Raoul Peck, about the works of James Baldwin.