International Competition
The International Competition for short and feature films is composed of works that have never been publicly screened in Portugal, finished in the current year or the year before. To this section can apply first, second and third works – fiction, animation, documentaries or experimental films.

National Competition
This section aims at giving national and international recognition to Portuguese films finished in the current year or the year before, that have their world premiere at IndieLisboa.

Just as Silvestre, a 1982 film by João César Monteiro, the films in this new section will not be afraid to follow unexpected paths, refuse impositions or seek alternative routes, even if they can become a little more wild or dangerous.

Brand New
This competitive section gathers the work of young filmmakers taking their first steps. Some produced their film within school context, others were fearless enough to do it without any support. Portuguese new authors continue to blossom and we intend to shelter and show them.

Programmed for children between three and fourteen years old, the screenings of this competitive section are presented to students and general audience. IndieJunior intends to contribute to children’s aesthetic and cultural training through an artistic experience different from the ones that television and commercial cinema offer.

Independent Hero
This retrospective section is dedicated to those who go beyond the mainstream in filmmaking and help to open new and unconventional paths in cinema.

A program mainly composed of documentaries focusing on music, namely the pop/ rock independent scene and its protagonists.

Director’s Cut
A program of recently restored works, rediscoveries and films which reflect upon cinema itself, its artistic dimension and history.

Mouth of Madness
This section was unexpectedly born and carved its place in the festival. Films that festively march along the cliff regardless any fear or judgement.

Special Screenings
Special Screenings include Portuguese films and international premieres.