Jem Cohen


In the 14th IndieLisboa, we pay homage to one of the most prolific film directors of contemporary cinema and we dedicate part of the program to his impressive career and filmography. Jem Cohen, director and artist, is the person behind short films, documentaries, fiction films, instalations and photography exhibitions and some of his films are part of the collection at MoMA and the Whitney Museum of New York.

Although he has only received one American grant since 2004, Jem Cohen has directed over 70 films throughout his career and his independent spirit is noticeable in his work. His films are edited in an intuitive way and evoke other times and places, alongside their ghosts, taking advantage of uncommon formats like Super 8 and 16 mm. After Smells Like Teen Spirit and Museum Hours were screened at IndieLisboa in 2008 and 2013, we screen this year 13 of Cohen’s films.

The Guardian called Counting – one of the films which holds a place in this year’s program – “one of those rare films that may change the way you view the world” and we could almost say the same about his whole body of work.

Lost Book Found (37 min, 1996)
Lucky Three (11 min, 1997)
Instrument (115 min, 1999)
Benjamin Smoke (73 min, 2000)
Little Flags (6 min, 2000)
Chain (99 min, 2004)
NYC Weights and Measures (5 min, 2005)
Long for the City (9 min, 2008)
Night Scene New York (9 min, 2009)
Museum Hours (107 min, 2012)
Counting (111 min, 2015)
World Without End (No Reported Incidents) (57 min, 2016)
Crossing Paths with Luce Vigo (12 min, 2016)
Birth of a Nation (10 min, 2017)

The director will be present in Lisbon to introduce his films at the festival.

Paul Vecchiali


IndieLisboa and Cinemateca Portuguesa – Museu do Cinema present the first Paul Vecchiali retrospective in Portugal. The French director is the second filmmaker we pay homage to this year, alongside Jem Cohen in the Independent Hero section, with a special program composed of 17 of his films. At 86 years of age, Vecchiali’s career spreads through more than five decades. He has collaborated with the Cahiers du Cinéma, produced Jean Eustache’s first films and directed more than 50 films. Vecchiali has always considered himself a provocateur and sensitive subjects such as sexuality, AIDS, the death penalty and religion have made a mark in his cinema, always with a touch of experimentalism and autobiographical elements.

Serge Bozon called the famous Diagonale – the production company born out of Vecchiali’s profound love for film – the last great film school after the Nouvelle Vague. Founded by Vecchiali in 1976, Diagonale gave birth to, other than Vecchiali’s own films, the works of Marie-Claude Treilhou, Jean-Claude Guiguet and Jean-Claude Biette, thus leaving a great mark in film history.

Les Roses de la Vie (20 min, 1962)
Le Récit de Rebecca (20 min, 1963)
Les Ruses du Diable (105 min, 1965)
Les Premières Vacances (26 min, 1967)
L’Étrangleur (93 min, 1970)
Femmes Femmes (120 min, 1974)
Change Pas de Main (85 min, 1975)
La Machine (100 min, 1977)
Maladie (11 min, 1978)
Corps à Cœurs(126 min, 1979)
En Haut des Marches (92 min, 1980)
Rosa la Rose, fille publique (92 min, 1985)
Once More (87 min, 1987)
À vot’bon couer (95 min, 2004)
Les gens d’en bas (103 min, 2010)
C’est l’Amour (97 min, 2015)
Le Cancre (116 min, 2015)

The film director, screenwriter, film editor, producer and actor will be present at the festival to introduce the screenings of his films at Cinemateca. IndieLisboa takes place 3 – 14 May. Tickets will be sold starting April 19th.

IndieLisboa takes place between May 3rd – 14th. Tickets will be sold starting from April 19th.