From Zappa and Stuart Staples to Raw and Memory in Three Acts – What IndieLisboa still has to offer

This Wednesday, May 10th, at 21h30., we screen the first achievement in directing by Stuart Staples (Tindersticks frontman). Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith is an immersive experience which honors the work of the great micro-cinema pioneer: F. Percy Smith. With Tindersticks’ own soundtrack, the film presents a completely new look on an almost forgotten body of work. Stuart Staples will be in the screening for a conversation with the public.

At Cinema São Jorge, on May 11th at 19h00, there will also be the screening of Eat That Question – Frank Zappa in his own words, a unique documentary which gathers unseen footage of the singer. Drawing from interviews and archive footage, this film offers a close-up view of the public and private image of one of the most influential musicians of the last 40 years, looking at his contribution in building bridges between rock, jazz and classical music. Also scheduled for May 11th at 21h00, at Cinema São Jorge, the only showing on the big screen of Grave, one of the most recent French horror phenomenons. By following the downward spiral of a vegetarian girl towards cannibalism, the film has caused illness and vomiting to members of its audience. A metaphor for reaching adulthood, conformism and sex.

On the weekend, IndieLisboa ends with a display of two different perspectives on society and history. Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Room (Sunday, May 14th, 21h00) and the first feature film by Mozambican director Inadelso Cossa (Saturday, May 13th, 18h00 at São Jorge Cinema and Sunday 14th, 21h45, at Culturgest). A Memory in Three Acts is a documentary which looks at the Portuguese colonial past through the eyes of the Mozambican people. The film is an exercise which reminds us of the importance of remembering the stories of those who have been silenced by the regime.