LisbonTalks Universidade Lusófona

Masterclass – image, post-production and sound mixing
Fri 27 April, 16h30, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
120′, in Portuguese

(free entrance)

After last year’s success, the Walla Collective studio returns for an extended class on the treatment of sound and images collected during the shooting. Using the films from the IndieLisboa 2018 programme, Marco Amaral, a colorist of directors such as João Pedro Rodrigues and Carlos Conceição, Tiago Matos, sound editor and mixer of films such as Letters from War, Swan and 48, and other members of the studio will talk about post-production, a process that aims to find an aesthetic consistency among all the selected material.

Guests: Andreia Bertini, António Porém Pires, Bárbara Valentina, Marco Amaral, Miguel Martins, Tiago Matos (Walla Collective), Manuel Santiago, Pedro Motta (PushVFX)


Conversation with Lucrecia Martel moderated by Cláudia Varejão
Tue 1 May, 16h30, Culturgest, Debates room
90′, in Portuguese and Spanish

Ticket issuance will begin one hour before the beginning of the talk, at the Culturgest ticket office, subject to the venue’s maximum capacity.

With only four feature films in 15 years, the return of Lucrecia Martel to filmmaking is a cause for celebration and the pretext for a conversation with the world cult filmmaker of the new Argentine cinema, one of the most original voices of contemporary cinema. Catalogued as atmospheric and dedicated to matters such as morality, intimacy, and class in the context of the Argentine society, Martel’s cinema is characterized by a narrative minimalism, by an attention to the details of the gestures and the bodies, and a remarkable use of sound as an immersing element. Using her latest film, Zama, we will talk about her filmography, her characters, her vision of the world, and her process of questioning reality and discovering her own language.

Moderator: Cláudia Varejão (director)


Cinema lesson: analysis of the film The Living World
Mon 30 April, 16h30, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
120′, in English

(free entrance)

To celebrate IndieLisboa’s 15th anniversary, film critic and programmer Boyd van Hoeij (The Hollywood Reporter, Luxembourg City Film Festival) will conduct an in-depth critical conversation with the audience about Eugène Green’s second feature film, premiered at the Director’s Fortnight of Cannes and winner of the first edition of the festival. A medieval dramatic comedy of contemporary settings shot in Super 16, this playful tale follows the family misfortune of an ogre who wants to eat his children and of his wife who relies on the aid of a knight. Boyd will moderate the event by analysing, with the audience, how Green has created meaning through the use of such elements as camerawork, sound, editing and dialogue.

Guest: Boyd van Hoeij (critic/programmer)


Conversation with Jacques Rozier moderated by José Manuel Costa and Maria João Madeira
Mon 30 April, 18h30, Cinemateca Portuguesa
90′, in French

(free entrance)

More than 60 years separate the present homage to Jacques Rozier and the extraordinary first short film that he filmed in 1955, Rentrée des classes. Contemporary of Godard, Truffaut, Varda and Rohmer, Rozier has not become so recognized or loved, even though his Adieu Philippine (1962) is an undeniably striking film for forthcoming generations of French filmmakers ever since. More discreet within the context of a generation that had to radicalize its cinema, the genius of Jacques Rozier is a breath of fresh air still today.

Moderator: José Manuel Costa, Maria João Madeira (Cinemateca Portuguesa)


In a praise of a cinema that reinforces freedom
Thu 3 May, 17h00, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
90′, in English

(free entrance)

What makes a film a political work? If all films offer a model of conduct, are all films a political act? Do filmmakers expect to contribute to political changes? Using their films, we gather some of the filmmakers of IndieLisboa 2018 to propose a discussion about the representation of politics in cinema and how films can raise questions and address social injustices and political turbulence.

Moderator: António Rodrigues (i newspaper)
Guests: João Salaviza (director), Marco Martins (director), Maria Augusta Ramos (director), Rüdiger Suchsland (director/critic/programmer)


It’s a wrap! IndieLisboa 2018 reviewed by the critics
Fri 4 May, 17h00, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
90′, in Portuguese

(free entrance)

On the eve of the awards, IndieLisboa 2018 invites film critics to discuss the programme, its highlights, and possible surprises experienced so far in a free and uncertain conversation that will leave clues for the last weekend of screenings. A public forum on the ninth day of the festival that will fit everything wanted, including feedback and questions from the audience.

Moderator: Paulo Cunha (professor/programmer)
Guests: André Santos (Observador/Sábado), Francisco Noronha (Público/À Pala de Walsh), Jorge Mourinha (Público)