Submissions are open for “Fotofilme: a fotografia como narrativa fílmica”

The submissions are open for new intensive course of FCSH (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa).

This course is the result of an expanded understanding of the “photofilm” concept, to context films that shoot photographies, that insert them in its lenght and create a tells its narrative. The case studies are from the inevitable Chris Marker to the couple Gusztáv Hámos and Katja Pratschke, going through ean-Luc Godard, Jean Eustache, Robert Altman, Hollis Frampton, Michael Snow, Susana Sousa Dias, etc. “Photographies put in a film context create a filmic experience”, wrote Hámos, Pratschke and his collaborator Thomas Tode in the book “Sample Cities”.

The former team will promote with the students the production of films about photography, executing the learnings. Theoretical, conceptual, stylistic and technical instruments will be provided to the students to let them produce a filmic narrative with photographies. Film photographic narratives, with a lenght and (eventually) sound that can stick to the simple logic of slide show (Nan Goldin) or with a testing nature, quite analytical (for example, “Um Minuto para uma Imagem”, by Agnès Varda, or “Six fois deux”, by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville) and/or quite plastic and conceptual (for example, “Nostalgia”, by Hollis Frampton or “Wavelenght”, by Michael Snow).

It is a theorical course oriented to the artistic practice, where the students will have the opportunity to produce a “photofilm” coordinated by the formers.

To help us in this goal, we invited the filmmakers Gonçalo Robalo (“Os Mortos”, Best Portuguese Short Film award by IndieLisboa 2018), Ricardo Vieira Lisboa (“Le Métro, Vieira da Silva”, the image provider to this course) and João Lameira (the new “Double Exposure”)  to present and talk about their films based in photographies in some way.

This course is supported by IndieLisboa, which will select at least one film produced during the course, and other partners as:

The “Bazar do Vídeo” will grant access to technology of production and edition to the students;

The website “À pala de Walsh” will promote some films produced during the course, specifically of the section “Fetiche Films”.

The blog “My Two Thousand Movies” will be our media partner, being present during the entire creation proccess.


Dates: 7th to 17th of January. Weekdays from 18h00 to 21h00. Except 17th of January: from 18h00 to 19h00.

Place: Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH/NOVA).

Responsible Teacher: Professora Doutora Margarida Medeiros.

Formers: Luís Mendonça and Luís Miguel Correia

Guests: Gonçalo Robalo, João Lameira, Ricardo Vieira Lisboa

Submission fees:

130€ (general admission), 104€ (INATEL and ACP associate), 90€ (students, any degree and school), 100€ (FCSH/NOVA ex-students). The evaluation fee (optional): 20€ (general admission), 15€ (students and ex-students). Certificate fee: 6 euros.

Max number of participants: 16



To learn alternative ways of analyzing and passing on knowledge about cinema and photography;

To study paradigmatic cases of cinema and photography overlapping;

Be capable of produce and project a speech of photographic image, mainly using cinema own tools;

To know how to organize a photographic image stock for an audiovisual presentation, critical or artistic, for a large audience;

Be part of the production process, exhibition and critical exposition of the created objects, through partner platforms of this course.


BARTHES, Roland, A câmara clara, Lisboa, Edições 70, 2008;
BELLOUR, Raymond, Between-the-Images, Zurique e Dijon, JRP|Ringier & Les Presses du Réel, 2012;
CAMPANY, David, Photography and Cinema, Londres, Reaktion Books, 2008;
MAH, Sérgio, A fotografia e o privilégio de um olhar moderno, Lisboa, Colibri, 2003;
SONTAG, Susan, Ensaios sobre Fotografia, Lisboa, Publicações Dom Quixote, 1986.

Submissions HERE