“Rage”, a film of Sérgio Tréfaut, today in cinemas

“Rage” (“Raiva”, in portuguese), a film of Sérgio Tréfaut, has its premiere on the national cinemas today, 31st of October. The first cities to screen are Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Coimbra, Évora and Vila Nova de Gaia, lately followed by other cities.


Portugal, 1950. In the desolate landscape of the South, battered by the wind, by misery and hunger, sudden violence erupts: a succession of cold-blooded murders occur over a single night. Why ? What’s the origin of these crimes ?
Based on the Portuguese classical novel «Seara de Vento», by Manuel da Fonseca, “Rage” is a dark tale of abuse and revolt.

Released at Moscow International Film Festival, where it won two awards (International Juri and Independent Press), “Rage” closed the 2018 edition of IndieLisboa, and also was part of the official selection of Filmfest Munchen, Seville European Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival, and more. Not to mention the award voted by the audience of the Festival Transfronteira Periferias (Portugal-Spain).

After Portugal, “Rage”‘s brazilian premiere will be in December.

Watch the trailer: