Warning about Jacques Rozier’s films e Pororoca’s subtitles

The copies of L’Opéra du Roi (1989, 42 ‘) and Revenez Plaisirs Exilés (2010-2012, 77′) arrived in Lisbon on the eve of their screening, making it impossible to translate and subtitle the second title. On the bright side, Jacques Rozier made available a version of the film, which is longer than the version originally planned, especially for the event. The screening will take place today, May 4th at 21h30, at the Cinemateca Portuguesa – Sala Félix Ribeiro.

L’Opéra du Roi will be screened in its original version with electronic subtitles in Portuguese, while Revenez Plaisirs Exilés will be screened in its original French version without subtitles. Between the two films, there will be a small 5 minute break.

On the other hand, the screening of the film Pororoca today (May 4th, Cinema São Jorge MDO, 21H15) won’t have subtitles in English either.