Silvestre: a consagração das promessas ou os prometidos consagrados

In the Silvestre section, we bring together works of young filmmakers and other consecrated authors.

À peine j’ouvre les yeux by the Tunisian director Leyla Bouzld (which is also highlighted in the La Fémis programme with her short film Sobresauts) focuses once again on social problems that shake her country, telling a story in the summer of 2010, on the eve of the Arab Spring. These films will be shown on April 22nd, 14h30 and April 25th, 19h, and the two films will be screened at Culturgest. The director Claire Simon, honoured in 2014 in the Independent Hero section, returns to the festival with Le bois dont les rêves sont faits, a documentary about fauna and flora in Bois de Vincenne Park. This will be screened on May 1st, 15h00, at Cinema São Jorge.

Rick Alverson is one of the well-known names of the new independent American cinema and his films often focus on the genre of depressed comedy. Entertainment is no exception to this. The film stars Gregg Turkington, John C. Reilly  and Michael Cera and is being shown at Cinema Ideal on April 27th at 23h, and May 1st 18h. Eugène Green is one of the regulars at IndieLisboa and almost all of his films have been shown at the festival – Le fils de Joseph is a comedy based on the rereading of biblical texts. It is screened at Cinema São Jorge on April 27th at 19h and on April 29th at 16h30.

Innocence of Memories – Orhan Pamuk’s Museum and Istambul is a documentary by director Grant Gee on the 2006 Nobel prize writer, following on from his directing another documentary, about the writer W.G. Sebald. It will be screened on April 21st at 19h, at Culturgest, and April 23rd at 17.00, at Cinema São Jorge. One Floor Below marks the return to the festival of one of the most important names in Romanian cinema, Radu Muntean, after being honoured in the Independent Hero section in 2007, dedicated to the Romanian new wave. The film will be shown at Cinema Ideal, on April 27th at 21h00, and May 1st at 22h15.

Jan Solda’s Coming of Age (the director under focus in this section in 2015) returns to the festival with a love story about diapers, handcuffs and anilingus. André Novais Oliveira is also back with Quintal after last year having competed in the feature films with Ela volta na quinta. The two films are part of the Silvestre Shorts 1 programme at Cinema São Jorge on April 21 at 18.45, and April 26th at 18.45.

World of Tomorrow by the veteran director of animated cinema Don Hertzfeldt tells the story of a girl between journeys in time and clones of a fifth generation (nominated for the Oscar for best short animation film). The directors Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby direct Dear Lorde, about a girl who, in order to be someone of value, talks to famous people like Jane Goodall, Desmond Tutu, Louie C.K. and the singer referred to in the title, Lorde. The two short films form part of the Silvestre Shorts 2 programme and will be shown at Cinema São Jorge, on April 22nd at 16h15, and on April 27th at 11h.

Calum Walter returns to the festival (after Heights, 2014) with Terrestrial where the aerial is linked to the underground. The director Christelle Lheureux directs the very delicate La terre penche in a seaside resort between memories and fantasies. The two films form part of the Silvestre Shorts 3 at Cinema São Jorge, on April 22nd at 18h45, and on April 28th at 18h45.

In Silvestre Shorts 3 [Cinema São Jorge on April 24th at 19h30, and April 29th at 23h45], we have brought together some of the best known names of contemporary cinema: Jean-Marie Straud with L’aquarium et la nation based on André Malraux and Mike Hollboom with Scrapbook, where the director continues his work about archival footage.