Um mundo de actividades além dos filmes

For those who want to complete their festival experience with other playful and didactic activities, there will be several workshops and other events to participate in, for all age groups. Here are some examples: the Indie Library is a suitcase which will be moving from place to place, packed with books and pictures. It is a walking library, exclusively dedicated to children and the world of film. Children will be able to read funny stories, participate in illustration workshops and create their own graphic stories. In the family workshops Animate yourself! we will be lying on a blanket, relaxing and coming up with animated actors. We are a very cool filming crew, full of ideas and a lot of stars. In the Our film is like a grain workshops for schools we will be making films where the pixels are grains of sand. In the Surrealist Neighbourhood we will experience different films composed of frames/moments/pictures which will build memories and narratives. We start the challenge with characters, places and actions in a neighbourhood.

Where and when do these activities take place? All the information will be available at the IndieJunior website on March 22nd.